Join the 52 Week Challenge!

Join the 52 Week Challenge!

Practice makes Perfect, right? We all know the expression, but when it comes to actually practicing, we all struggle thinking “How Should I Practice? What Should I Shoot?”. Enter the 52 week challenge.

If you already know a bit about photography, or if you are just starting, you probably heard the advice “Keep Practicing”. However, it’s not always easy to figure out what to shoot. That’s why I strongly recommend a 52 week challenge.

The Challenge

But, what is this challenge? It’s very simple. Every week, you get a theme for you to shoot during that week. You cn also share your images so you receive some sort of feedback. Next week there’s another theme. Before you know it, you shot and practiced during a year! 😀

The Mechanics

In my case, I’ll post a theme every Saturday during 2018 and it will be included in the weekly newsletter. So if you want to know the theme of the week, you can visit the blog regularly or subscribe to the newsletter.

Once you know the theme and create your images, share them online! Use your social media and tag @image_weekly, or use the hashtags #imageweekly and #52weekchallenge. I’ll make sure to look for your images and provide feedback.

This weeks theme is: Toys!

Oh! If you’re new to photography, would you like to learn photography in a short period of time? How about 7 days? If so, please join my online course, named Learn Photography in 7 Days!

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