Changes are Coming!

Changes are Coming!

“The only constant in this world is change”. Changes are coming to this website because it’s not immune to this saying, so keep reading to learn more.

What? Why?

This blog and its associated YouTube channel and social media will change. You’ve known it so far as Image Weekly, but it will change to my name: alex silva photography. Do you wonder why? It’s actually very simple, there are 3 reasons to do it.

Brand Consolidation

Over the last 4 years I’ve maintained two websites and two brands: Image Weekly (where I share my photography knowledge) and alex silva photography (where I offer my portrait and architecture photography services). This has been a bit of a mess and takes too much time, so I’m consolidating everything under the alex silva photography brand, in order to simplify my life.

Hiding Behind a Brand

To be honest, over time I felt I was hiding behind the Image Weekly Brand, so this is a way for me to take ownership of everything in this website. This way, you know that any opinion you read here is mine, but also any mistake that I make here is mine, not of some abstract company named Image Weekly

Bilingual Content

I used to blog in English and Spanish, then I stopped posting the bilingual content because most of my viewers came from English speaking countries. However, in the last 6 months many people requested the content to be posted in Spanish and the views from Spanish speaking countries has increased, so I’ll go back to a bilingual content strategy.

What’s Next?

The first change you’ll see is a redirection in the URLs, from to You’ll also see a redesign on the website which will, of course, be bilingual.

The next change will come in the form of adding Spanish subtitles to the YouTube videos, as well as translations to the video descriptions. Keeping on the YouTube subject, you’ll see more Behind The Scenes videos from my shoots.
Another change to expect is that my social media posts will now be bilingual. But there’s more to it, because there are some strategy adjustments to be made, specifically:

  • Facebook – everything will be consolidated to alex silva photography. However, after all the problems with user data abuse, I’m unsure to keep the page. I’ll keep you posted.
  • LinkedIn – You’ll see me more active in LinkedIn, which has some tools that I haven’t paid attention to.
  • Instagram – I’ll close down the @image_weekly profile, but I’ll be more active on @alexsilva_photography.
  • Google+ – There are quite a few very interesting photography communities on this social network, so you’ll see me more active there, and I’ll close down +ImageWeekly.
  • Twitter – it simply has not provided any value, so I’ll stop using it, other than for my personal account.

What Stays the Same?

I’ll keep posting weekly content in the form of videos, related blog posts, the newsletter, the 52 week challenge and the inspiring quotes, as well as images from my portfolio.

But most importantly, I’ll keep sharing my knowledge with you because, in the end, all these changes are coming in order for me to better serve you.

I really hope to have explained the upcoming changes and the reasoning behind them, but if you’d like to add to the conversation, leave a comment below.