10 YouTube Channels You Should Follow

10 YouTube Photography Channels to Follow

Every photographer should keep learning. Some people learn by reading books, other by watching videos. That’s why I compiled a list of 10 YouTube photography channels you should follow to keep learning, for free.

YouTube has or is close to surpassing TV as the most popular video destination around the world. You can find entertainment, drama, music but you can also learn a lot watching YouTube videos. Let’s take a look at the best channels for photographers.

B & H

YouTube Channels - B and H
YouTube Channels – B and H

Yes, it’s a mega store, but they don’t just sell products. The NYC super store also has a room called the Event Space, where many photographers and other visual artists go to teach. Many of those classes are recorded and then uploaded to the store’s YouTube channel.


YouTube Channels - Adorama TV
YouTube Channels – Adorama TV

It is another great store in NYC and, even though they also have a space to teach, most of their content comes from their associated photographers like Vanessa Joy, Daniel Norton, Mark Wallace, Gavin Hoey, David Bergman and more who create the videos in their studios or on the road, teaching everything from basics to lighting, to directing to post processing.


YouTube Channels - KelbyOne
YouTube Channels – KelbyOne

From Scott Kelby, this is the YouTube channel of his online learning platform for photographers. I especially enjoy his weekly show called The Grid, and I think you’ll love it too.

Peter McKinnon

YouTube Channels - Peter McKinnon
YouTube Channels – Peter McKinnon

The crazy Canadian photographer from Toronto, who rose to fame in a short time thanks to his inimitable “What’s up everybody!”, his love of coffee and great tutorials for both photographers and videographers alike. He’s pretty much the king of B-roll. If you don’t know what B-roll is, you definitely need to watch his channel.

The Art of Photography

YouTube Channels - The Art of Photograpy
YouTube Channels – The Art of Photograpy

Dallas-based Ted Forbes is a guy who simply loves photography, and you can tell right away in each and every one of his videos. His videos are more art oriented (as the name of the channel implies), so you won’t find a lot of technical information. However, what you’ll find are very insightful views of photography as art, whether in the form of his own work (Filming the Artist), or his video essays on the History of Photography, or the Assignments series.

The Slanted Lens

YouTube Channels - The Slanted Lens
YouTube Channels – The Slanted Lens

Jay P Morgan is a super fun guy who creates great images, has fun doing it and entertains you while teaching you something new. His personality is captivating and his energy is contagious. You have to see it to understand it.

Jared Polin

YouTube Channels - Jared Polin
YouTube Channels – Jared Polin

“Fro Knows Photo”. Entertaining, funny, informative and objectively balanced, this is the guy who can review gear with a great point of view. He’s very critical when he needs to and he’s a total cheerleader when the time comes to cheer. His particular style is nice balance between comedy, sarcasm and storytelling. Of course, being a great photographer doesn’t hurt.

FJH Photography

YouTube Channels - FJH Photography
YouTube Channels – FJH Photography

Francisco Hernandez is one of those guys you just want to hang out with. He’s honest, open and has great talent when in comes to portrait lighting and post-processing. He’s based in Texas but he’s travelling every once in a while. I keep my fingers crossed so he comes to Mexico someday or I’ll join one of his events.

Robert Hall Photography

YouTube Channels - Robert Hall Photograpy
YouTube Channels – Robert Hall Photograpy

If you ever have a question about flash photography, and about Godox flashes in particular, Robert Hall is THE guy. I think he has reviewed and used every hot shoe and strobe flash in the Godox lineup, along with all their triggers with many camera brands, so his videos will answer almost any question you may have about them.

alex silva | photography

YouTube Channels - alex silva | photography
YouTube Channels – alex silva | photography

Of course! This blog has a YouTube channel where I share my photography knowledge, mainly in the areas of: Photography for Beginners, Portrait Photography and Lighting.

There are many more channels I could recommend, but I think these cover all the general information you may be interested in photography, but they also help you with portrait photography and lighting in particular.

Would you like to recommend any other channel? Add it in the comments section.