10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow for Inspiration

10 Instagram Accounts To Follow for Inspiration

Everybody needs inspiration. Photographers need visual inspiration. That’s why I compiled 10 Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration.


All of us who work in creative fields need inspiration. It’s what keeps our creative juices flowing or, in case we are in a rut, helps us get out of it. For photographers, this is usually visual inspiration, admiring the works of others, even if they work in different fields or specialties.

Based on this, I groomed my instagram feed to help me get inspired and I think you may like some of the accounts I follow.

The List

Without further ado, here’s the list.

Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda @anniset / @drcuerda
Instagram - Anna Devís
Instagram – Anna Devís
Instagram - Daniel Rueda
Instagram – Daniel Rueda

This is a couple from Valencia who create amazing, original and creative portraits which incorporate architecture or environmental elements to tell short stories. They are just amazing!

Tyler Shields @thetylershields
Instagram - Tyler Shields
Instagram – Tyler Shields

If you’re interested in editorial and fashion photography, keep an eye on this guy. He’s a filmmaker based in Los Angeles who creates amazing editorial images.

Jordan Matter @jordanmatter
Instagram - Jordan Matter
Instagram – Jordan Matter

He’s a british photographer based in New York City who shoots ballet dancers. The trick is, he usually shoots them on the street, or the subway, airports, anywhere you wouldn’t expect to see a ballet image.

National Geographic @natgeo
Instagram - National Geographic
Instagram – National Geographic

Do I need to explain this one? ;-)

Brad Moore @bmoorevisuals
Instagram - Brad Moore
Instagram – Brad Moore

If you’re interested in concert photography or bands portraits, this is the guy to follow. I first heard of him when he worked with Scott Kelby, he showed his work there and I realized he’s an accomplished photographer. You won’t regret following him.

Desk Tour @desktour
Instagram - Desk Tour
Instagram – Desk Tour

This is probably my OCD speaking, but I found the images from this account really satisfying. They display neat, clean work desk settings from people around the world.

Personal Development Lovers @personaldevelopmentlovers
Instagram - Personal Development Lovers
Instagram – Personal Development Lovers

If quotes are your thing, follow this account! It has daily inspirational quotes from all kinds of leaders, that you can apply to your development in many areas.

Joe Allam @joeallam
Instagram - Joe Allam
Instagram – Joe Allam

Travel photography is Joe Allam’s specialty. He’s based in the UK but he travels regularly all around the world and shares beautiful images from his destinations. I especially enjoyed his images from Japan but all his posts are awesome.

Ben Thomas @___benthomas
Instagram - Ben Thomas
Instagram – Ben Thomas

He shoots architecture, but then uses a post-process to remove details and use as many primary colors as possible, so you see the essence of the building in the image. His style is quite unusual so you may love it or hate it.

Architecture Daily @archdaily
Instagram - Arch Daily
Instagram – Arch Daily

If you’re interested in architecture in any way, don’t miss a post from this account. Besides showing great architecture from around the world, they also link to their website where they feature up and coming architects, as well as established ones.

Even though these are not all the Instagram accounts I follow, these are the ones I enjoy following the most, because their images are a source of inspiration for me.

I hope you liked this list but, if you’d like to recommend other Instagram accounts to follow, please share them in the comments section below.