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Your First Tripod

Your First Tripod

Everybody needs support, including your camera. That’s why I’ll do my best to help you choose your first tripod. Background Whether you are a novice photographer or a seasoned professional, you will probably run into situations that require you to place your camera on a firm, stable surface. The ones I can remember pretty distinctly …

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Choosing a Camera Bag

Choose a Camera Bag

Shoulder bags, messenger bags, roller bags, backpacks. All of those help you carry your gear but, what’s better for you? Keep reading so you learn how to choose a photography bag.

You Don’t Need a 50mm Lens

No, You Don’t Need a 50mm Lens

If you ask people for recommendations for a lens upgrade from a kit lens, the usual response is “Get a 50mm lens! It’s fantastic!”. They mean well, but they are probably wrong. Here’s why you don’t need a 50mm lens (probably).

Lightroom CC 2017 - Featured

What’s With Lightroom CC 2017?

A few days ago, Adobe unveiled Lightroom CC 2017, along with Lightroom Classic CC 2017. Confused yet? Let me try and clarify it for you, and I’ll explain why you may or may not love it/them.